3 New Year’s Resolutions to Make for Your Skin

Woman in burgundy dress throwing confetti in celebration of anti aging treatments in the new year.

As the new year approaches, everyone is making New Year’s resolutions. While healthy eating and losing weight are at the top of the list, your skin can benefit from some resolutions as well. Committing to drinking more water and following a regular skin care regimen is a great place to start. But if you are … Read more

3 Really Important Tips to Pick a Pro for Your BOTOX®

Beautiful woman getting botox

BOTOX® injections continue to grow in popularity, with the American Society of Plastic Surgeons reporting an increase of three percent in 2018, with over 7.4 million injections performed. BOTOX works wonders for treating dynamic wrinkles, or those caused by facial muscle movement. These include frown lines and crow’s feet. While BOTOX injections can help take … Read more

3 Cosmetic Treatments to Gift that Everyone Will Love

Woman in a tan sweater receiving a med spa christmas gift hugging husband at home

With the holidays approaching, everyone is shopping for the perfect gifts. But you don’t have to visit stores for the perfect gift. All your family and friends have just finished a summer filled with fun and sun, and no doubt their skin needs some rejuvenation and repair. The holidays are a perfect time to give … Read more

If You’re Seeing These Bad Practices, Do Not Get an Injectable

lady getting med spa treatment

When done correctly, injections such as BOTOX®or JUVÉDERM®, can help rejuvenate your appearance. Unfortunately, when done incorrectly or under bad conditions, they can make you look worse, or even cause medical complications. When choosing a med spa for your injections, it is essential to find a safe and licensed facility that you feel comfortable with. … Read more