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How Injectables & BOTOX® Can Go Wrong and Make You Look Older

Close up of a woman's face wrinkling her forehead.

Injectable fillers and BOTOX® are often talked about like they’re the key to the fountain of youth. Instantly and seamlessly reverse the hands of time with the plunge of a syringe. Largely, the reputation they get for helping you to appear younger and fresher is well-earned. But sometimes , injectable fillers and BOTOX can have … Read more

How to Level Up Your Skin Care Game at a Med Spa

A woman closes her eyes as somebody else gives her a facial treatment at the spa.

It’s never too late to start taking better care of your skin. It’s important to take a little extra time to ensure its health by giving it the proper attention it deserves. Here are some ideas for skin care treatments to try at our med spa near you. Regular treatments are a great way to … Read more