Is It Time to Revamp Your Skin Care Routine with Your Aesthetician?

Could your complexion use a little freshening up? If you can’t seem to get the smooth, even and bright skin you’re after, the answer could lie in the countless skin care bottles lining your bathroom shelves. But before you run out to grab yet another trendy product from your local drug store, read up on some of the biggest benefits of medical grade skin care.

1. Prescription-Strength Ingredients Are More Effective

First things first, some ingredients are only available by prescription, so you’ll have to talk to a professional for those. Secondly, even if an over-the-counter product does contain the same ingredient as a medical-grade product — such as retinol, for example — it’s not going to contain the same concentration. That’s because physician-dispensed products are regulated, whereas drugstore products are not held to the same high standards.

2. You’ll Know Exactly Which Products and Ingredients to Use

Speaking of ingredients, they’re not all for everyone. The right skin care products for you will depend on your unique skin type and condition. When you work with a professional, you can rest assured you’re using the right ingredients to brighten and refresh your skin and skipping all the wrong ones.

Using the wrong skin care ingredients can be worse than not using any products at all.

3. You’ll Save Money in the Long Run

Medical grade skin care might be more expensive than some drugstore products, but if you’re not choosing the right ones, you’re just wasting your money. When you work with your aesthetician to select the right products for your skin’s needs, you’ll end up saving money by foregoing the trial-and-error trick with a bunch of products that ultimately don’t work.

Is It Time to Revamp Your Skin Care Routine with Your Aesthetician?
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Is It Time to Revamp Your Skin Care Routine with Your Aesthetician?
What are the benefits of medical grade skin care? The team of aestheticians at Pacifica Med Spa in Camarillo, California share three of the biggest perks.
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