3 Lunchtime Cosmetic Treatments Perfect for Men

Guys, just because you’re constantly on the go doesn’t mean you can’t squeeze in a quick cosmetic treatment or two to freshen up your look. In fact, cosmetic treatments for men like these ones are skyrocketing in popularity thanks to how quick and easy they can be.


Whether you’re bothered by a furrowed brow or excessive sweating, BOTOX® injections could be just the treatment you’ve been looking for. The typical BOTOX appointment lasts 20 minutes or less, and since there’s no downtime, you can get right back to work, meetings or other regularly-scheduled activities.

BOTOX usually lasts for 3 to 4 months before you’ll need a touch-up treatment. But these sessions can easily fit into your lunch break, so they’re super convenient to maintain.

2. Laser Genesis™

You might be familiar with laser resurfacing, which can yield great results, but does require some downtime. Laser Genesis™ lets you reap the benefits of laser skin treatments, like a brighter, smoother and younger-looking complexion, without the downtime.

Most Laser Genesis appointments are completed in about 30 minutes, and you shouldn’t need any anesthesia or numbing.

Laser Genesis could be right for you if you’re battling acne scars or a dull complexion.

3. CoolSculpting®

If you’re not in love with your love handles, beer belly or other stubborn fat, consider CoolSculpting®. This popular nonsurgical body contouring treatment typically takes 60 minutes per treated area to complete and doesn’t require extensive downtime like surgical alternatives.

Enhance your results in the gym with a CoolSculpting treatment that targets the exercise-resistant fat that could be covering up your hard-earned muscle definition underneath.

3 Lunchtime Cosmetic Treatments Perfect for Men
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3 Lunchtime Cosmetic Treatments Perfect for Men
Looking for the best cosmetic treatments for men? The skin care specialists at Pacifica Medical Spa in Studio City recommend these three top picks.
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